Visual Solutions

Digital Signage

Professional, multi-functional commercial displays will impress potential customers and deliver a clear message for your target audience. They are ideal for the following settings:

  • Commercial advertising
  • In-store or office reception visual points
  • Pitching
  • Digital signage at events/roadshows

Our digital signage products can be managed entirely online.  Simply login and update your displays – it’s straightforward and needs minimal training. We can also offer peerless kiosk solutions and video walls.  Just get in contact to find out more.

You don’t need to worry about bright or low light affecting your display.  We have a range of brightness options to suit:

  • Low brightness for low lit areas.
  • Medium brightness for offices and business centres
  • High brightness for window displays and secure kiosks

LED Outdoor Solutions

A large outdoor LED display screen can be spectacular, particularly at night. At night a large outdoor display can go from looking great all the way to stunning. When an outdoor display is implemented correctly, it could even become a landmark.

The public can see large LED outdoor screen displays from long distances, in all types of lighting conditions. This is a huge advantage over other display advertising methods. The display itself can really enhance the perception people have of your business.  Plus, they look seriously impressive!

Video Wall

Sometimes, even the largest single LCD display isn’t enough to do the job. There are times when only an entire video wall will do. And that’s when you need a video wall display by Sharp.

Sharp has advanced the science of video walls with a range of screens that overcome the limitations of other systems.

Our ultra-slim bezels, for example, reduce the distance between screens to create a truly impactful, distraction-free video wall display. The monitors can be mounted in portrait and landscape configuration to make the best use of available space, and virtually seamless borders help you create high impact video walls in almost any size and format.

High luminance means that your video wall will perform well in even the most brightly lit locations and, thanks to our high contrast technology, your images will be clearly visible from a surprisingly long distance. Bright whites, vivid colours, the deepest blacks and a uniform brightness all combine to create a video wall that has to be seen to be believed.

Interactive Smart Boards

Interactive white boards, or Big Pads, are large touch screen displays which are ideal for:

  • Training and education
  • Professional presentations
  • Pitching

They are perfect for any professional setting where information needs to be delivered quickly and effectively. We provide cost effective and flexible solutions for any organisation no matter the size.

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