Print Audit What’s The Big Deal?

Print Audit What’s The Big Deal?

Print Audit is a word you might be familiar with. It’s used by so many companies when talking about photocopiers and printers. Salesman might try and give out a whole load of mumbo jumbo jargon and make something that is really, really simple sound super fancy and complicated. When really it isn’t all that complicated. Just in case you haven’t heard of Print Audit or are so confused by all the fancy words I will try and explain what the fuss is all about.

It’s a smart little programme and through the wonderful world of the internet monitors all the multiple photocopiers and printers within your business no matter where they call home even if they are spread out over multiple offices. It collates all the printing volumes and breaks this down a step further into how many black and white (mono) and colour documents were produced. For us here at Document6 this is all updated in real time.

The health and wellbeing of your machines are really important to us and just as well Print Audit keeps an eye on that too. This gives us an insight into how the machines are working and if there are any problems we can get these sorted in record time.

As it’s all automatic we can produce accurate invoices letting your business know it’s monthly printing for each printer. All without the need for any pesky emails chasing information causing you to take time out of your busy day. When you have all the information it can help you track trends to help you cost save where it’s needed.

A question that pops up quite often is whether or not the printer can pick up and ferry any sensitive data from the business if it’s connected to the internet? Go ahead and put away the tin foil hats. Sorry to disappoint folks but the only information we see is related to the workings of the machines and how many prints are made.